who am I ?

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who am I ?

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Let me tell you. MUSIC. That's the magic word. Music used to mean everything to me throughout all my life. Other outer worlds in which I could escape. The chills up my spine. I've been hearing songs in my mind all my life. Verses, tunes, something I cannot bear inside for a long time. Sometimes I am able to record them on a tape. Then the song is asking to be born and I'll be reckless until this new baby comes to life. That's how songwriting goes for me. And that's how I started writing songs. It's nothing particularly pleasant. It's more an incontrollable urge than a exercise of pleasure. When I was a kid I spent my days traveling (no other term would be more appropriate) with the tapes of The Beatles. Sgt. Pepper, Revolver, The white album. They are written with indelible ink on me. After that I soon discovered the late ´ 60´s psychedelic universe. That was an age of high hopes, soon betrayed. The MUSIC, then, had something sacred. MUSIC made us feel like we were living in a sort of community of dreams. But the dreams soon evaporated or turned into nightmares, anybody who's over ´40 can remember this. The ´70´s threw everything in the garbage can with disco music taking over. MUSIC was equal FUN, something too easy for me. I had been having a lot of fun but I needed MUSIC to be more than that. Then, I was sixteen, came the punk. Substance, our screwed up dreams made solid. The rough rage of getting nowhere. Sex Pistols, Joy Division, The Damned, The Clash. My spirit came to know the beauty of raw power.

The first song I've ever written came to my fingers while I was strummin' my acoustic guitar. Words and music. Together. All in a once. The words I'd just finished to sing gave me the whole picture of what was inside my mind. That gave me the creeps, I was barely 14 when I met the siren's cry of songwriting.

I was 20 when I founded the new wave italian group "The Drivers " .
I was the songwriter, singer and keyboard player ; After several gigs and concerts and some appearances on local televisions the band broke up. I continued to write songs and started putting together a home studio where I could record and play all instruments by myself. I also took part in various courses to learn more. Besides rock music I experimented ambient music and the using of sound effects in making songs; I'm fond of oriental philosophy and mysticism and I sometimes use the chinese I-King to find inspiration for my songs; In 1989 I started a long series of journeys that led me around the world seeking new experiences. At the moment I'm busy living my life and working on my new songs.

Many of my fans describe my music strange yet cool and relaxing.It seems to put them in the right mood, it's pop-rock but has something indefinable, due to my psychedelic background. If you really want to define my music just imagine a cross between Pink Floyd and Depeche Mode.


Washburn acoustic guitar
Creative soundfonts technology
Korg T3 workstation
Mixer Boheringer MX602A
Microphone Sennheiser e815S

voice and inspiration on:
"Things you do"
"Angel of the night"
"Tumbling man"
"Welcome to the party"

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Thanks to my all of my friends for giving me hope and strenght.

All lyrics, music and tracks are written, played, recorded and produced by Dario M. Vergari © 2002 - 2003 - 2004 - 2005
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If you want to ask me anything about me or my music contact me ! and i'll give you every information.
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